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Record breaking exam results

Students at Landau Forte College Derby are celebrating another year of great GCSE results.


A noun is a naming word; this may be a person, a thing or an idea. So, a baby, a builder, a candle, a city, a street, happiness and fear are all nouns.

Now You Try

Read these sentences and underline the nouns. Answers can be found below.

  1. The boy was walking his dog through the park.
  2. The girl in the blue dress was pulling faces at the teacher.
  3. The boy cowered with fear.
  4. The girl went shopping in Derby.

Now fill in the gaps in these sentences with your own nouns. You may wish to make the sentences seem funny or amusing.

Shall I take my _______________________ to _________________________ today?

The baby threw its ______________________ out of the _____________________.

My ______________________ would rather play __________________ than _______________________.

Please do not feed the __________________________.


  1. boy, dog, park
  2. girl, dress, faces, teacher
  3. boy, fear
  4. girl, Derby

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