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Verbs 1

A verb is a doing word or an action word. Therefore, roaring, eating, pointing, jumping, running, reading etc are all verbs.

Now You Try

Underline the verbs in these sentences. Answers can be found below.

  1. I walk to school, but Karen goes by bus.
  2. My English teacher really annoys me.
  3. Read the instructions carefully.
  4. People crowded into the shop as soon as it opened.

Fill in the gaps in the following sentences with suitable verbs. You may wish to make it funny or amusing.

Please ______________________ the building immediately.

Her behaviour really ____________________________ me.

I __________________________ the piano every day.

Every time he ________________________ his mouth, he __________________ something stupid.


  1. walk, goes
  2. annoys
  3. read
  4. crowded, opened

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